As hypnotists, we often talk about the concept and goal of achieving a six-figure business. The outcome that we are seeking is a highly successful business that is serving you in terms of being profitable and paying for your lifestyle while serving many clients and helping them produce some outstanding results. Achieving six figures will take some effort and time – but probably not as much as you might think.

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In today’s episode, I share a roadmap that provides an easy way to six-figures for hypnotists. I share how you can maximize your time and sell your services at a higher rate by only speaking to clients who are ready to change, understand the value of your services, and are willing to pay for them. I reveal how you can earn an income with group workshops and create an upgrade offer that continues the conversation. I also share the formula for achieving a six-figure income with two group sessions per month over eleven months and 12 individual one-on-one sessions per week over 40 weeks.

“ What you focus on, you are more likely to achieve.” – Jason Linett

  • How to maximize your time with the Velvet Rope Strategy and why your first offer should not be to call this number and book this thing
  • Creating a value-added offer that provides value, asks for value in return, and advances the relationship
  • How to earn $16,500 in income with two group sessions per month over eleven months of the year, regardless of your location
  • How to create a ‘pivot and invitation’ for a one-to-one hypnosis session
  • Why you should set an expectation for a three-session process rather than a single session
  • How to earn $2,400 per week with twelve sessions and $96,000 over forty weeks

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