Connie Jo Holmes is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, and founder of BU2BFULL, a hypnosis and coaching practice helping individuals ‘axe self-sabotaging behaviors’ to achieve a life of fulfillment. With over 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience before starting her journey as a professional coach and hypnotist, Connie’s mission is to help her clients build a life of confidence and fulfillment through her in-person and online coaching and hypnosis sessions, classes, and retreats. Connie is also the author of Be YOU to be Full, a book aimed at helping readers learn the steps to deeply understand themselves and achieve unshakable confidence in all aspects of their lives.

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Connie joins me today to discuss self-sabotaging and self-limiting beliefs and why overcoming those beliefs and behaviors is critical to achieve a life of true fulfillment. We discuss why she decided to become a certified hypnotherapist seven months after obtaining her coaching certification and how she draws from the strengths of both methods to help her clients achieve results. We discuss the importance of having a clear message and how your messaging impacts your ability to attract new clients. Connie shares her journey to overcoming limiting beliefs and the mantra she adopted and currently lives by. We discuss why she teaches each client the value of self-reflection, self-forgiveness, and gratitude. We discuss how she harnessed the power of community to grow her business organically and how it has positively impacted her business on multiple levels. We also discuss Connie’s new book, Be You to be Full, and her plans to publish a complete series of self-improvement and self-empowerment books.

“ When someone can show up as their true, genuine, authentic self to everything they do in life – they can live a fulfilled life” – Connie Jo Holmes

  • Connie’s journey of working as a certified life coach to becoming a certified hypnotherapist
  • How Connie blends the strengths of coaching and hypnosis in her business
  • How Connie attracted her first clients and why your messaging is critical to your success
  • Helping clients rediscover their confidence and achieve self-acceptance
  • Connie’s experience with her own limiting beliefs and the mantra she currently lives by
  • Why Connie teaches her clients the value of self-reflection, self-forgiveness, and gratitude
  • How Connie leveraged the power of community to grow her hypnosis and coaching business
  • Learning to ‘give from the heart’ while promoting your services
  • Writing and publishing her book, Connie’s experience throughout the process, and her plans to publish a series of self-improvement books

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