Nathan Gist is back on the program helping to celebrate 350 episodes! Here is part two…

Nathan is a Confidence Coach, Board Certified Hypnotist, and the Owner of Fredericksburg Hypnosis, where he has helped thousands of people build confidence, overcome fear and anxiety, quit smoking, and improve their sleep quality. He is also a Christian radio host and production director at Virginia’s Positive Hits & Spirit FM, an international speaker and the owner of Unshakable Trading. He is a board certified hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotist, a certified Master Hypnotist from Atlantic Hypnosis Institute & Work Smart Hypnosis, and a Certified Master NLP practitioner from the National Federation of NLP.

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Nathan joins me today to discuss how to scale beyond success and create a balance between work and family. Nathan shares how marketing is important, but success is built on getting good client results that encourage conversations outside your office. He discusses why an online presence is vital for growing your business and why it is essential to be in the videos on your website. Nathan also shares how his views on what hypnosis is have changed since his first year in business and why participating in meetups is a fantastic way to get started in the hypnosis industry.

“ You’ve got to make sure you’re delivering a product that is getting the results you need to get.” – Nathan Gist

  • Adapting to working online and creating online products
  • Focusing on improving your craft to get results that clients will share
  • Why you need to reinvest in your business and build your online presence
  • How to build rapport and get video testimonials for your website
  • Conveying the message that you and your client are working together to get the desired result
  • How Nathan’s view of hypnosis has changed since his first year in business and how meetups are a great way to get started

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