Some hypnosis professionals believe that the subconscious mind can’t process negative suggestion. Often, they believe it so vehemently, it’s as if that concept is an absolute, undisputable fact. And the reason these professionals believe this concept is simply because that’s what their previous instructors have told them. But let’s take a moment to challenge this concept. What would happen if more practitioners actually used some of the same language that their clients are using during their hypnosis session?

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Today, I discuss the concept of using negative suggestions during your hypnosis sessions and how you can use them to achieve positive results for your clients. I share a hypnosis formula you can use to satisfy your client’s conscious mind while also giving instructions to their subconscious. I explain why it’s important to use the same language your clients use on your website, how it impacts your ability to attract your ideal clients, and how you can help your clients distance and disassociate themselves from the problem they want to solve. I also share examples of when I used negative suggestions with my clients to help them achieve positive change and explain how screening your techniques with your clients can be beneficial.

“These are the words your clients are using. And because THEY know what it means, it means you can use it as well..” – Attribution

  • Understanding demonstrational hypnosis
  • How to satisfy your client’s consious mind while giving instructions to the subconscious mind
  • Why I believe many hypnotists try too hard to achieve ‘clean language’ in their sessions
  • Understanding keywords and SEO and why it’s important to use the language your clients are using in your online content
  • Why it’s okay to use the same language that your clients use during a hypnosis session
  • Allowing your client to conduct direct suggestion hypnosis on themselves
  • Satisfying the conscious mind while imprinting new emotional states on top of their old issue
  • Addressing negative suggestions from your clients based on their client intake form
  • How I used negative suggestions to help two clients achieve positive change
  • The benefits of screening your techniques with your clients – before the session begins

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