As hypnosis professionals, when we convey an attitude of appropriate and respectful confidence, we tend to become even more effective when working with clients. But how do you become a confident hypnosis professional? What are the steps that other hypnosis professionals take to increase their confidence so that they, too, can help their clients more effectively?

Today, I share five steps to becoming a confident hypnosis professional. I discuss the pros and cons of taking a protocol-based approach to helping your clients and why it’s important to maintain a level of flexibility in your hypnosis techniques. I discuss why it’s crucial to understand why one technique works while another may not and explain how to use Waking Hypnosis to amplify any technique you use. I discuss the importance of continuing to learn from other hypnosis professionals, even when you think you already know – or even teach – a technique. I also discuss the importance of researching the people you want to learn from to ensure they’re teaching proven strategies, techniques, and systems.

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“The more flexibility you have going into the change intervention, the greater odds you have of outstanding success.” – Jason Linett

  • The pros and cons of protocol-based approaches and the importance of being flexible in your hypnosis strategies
  • Understanding why specific techniques work – and why others won’t
  • Using “Waking Hypnosis” to amplify any hypnosis technique
  • The value of ongoing education and researching hypnosis instructors

5 Steps to Confident Hypnosis:

  1. Flexible strateg
  2. Knowledge of WHY a technique works
  3. Understanding of Waking Hypnosis
  4. Passion for Ongoing Learning
  5. Proven System

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