WSH390 – Hypnotic Demos to Get Clients

Have you ever wondered why infomercials still exist, even when they’re only seen by a very small number of viewers? How can it be worthwhile for companies to invest so much time, money, and resources into producing an infomercial only to have it air during the extremely late or early morning hours when most people are still sleeping?

Even in the age of on-demand movies and despite the small viewership – infomercials are still a widely used marketing strategy because of their effectiveness. And their effectiveness is largely due to the concept of “Show and Tell” – showing customers what they’ll get and selling the product to the customer… even before the presenter asks for the sale.

This week, I explore how hypnosis professionals can offer hypnotic demos to get new clients. I explain how using demos can help you break a potential client’s prior expectations about hypnosis while simultaneously introducing new ones. I explain why the key to successfully turning your audience into paying clients is to get them to interact with you during your presentation. I also share strategies you can use to amplify the environment and location of your presentation.

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“The more you have them interacting during the presentation, the more you have them interacting after the presentation.” – Jason Linett

●     Using demos as a way to break prior expectations and introduce new ones

●     The impact of using a lectern at a free hypnosis demo

●     Getting the crowd to interact with you during the presentation

●     Leaning on your past success and the success of your profession

●     Amplifying the environment and location of your presentation

●     How to effectively use PowerPoint slides in your hypnotic demo

Resources Mentioned:

●     Podcast Episode: Session #270 – Priming with Hypnotic Convincers

●     ICBCH Train-the-Trainer Program

●     Podcast Episode: Session #1 – The All-Positive Pre-Talk

●     Google Scholar

●     The Velvet Rope Strategy


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