WSH395 – Désirée Eckert on Microdosing Hypnosis

Since the age of five, Désirée Eckert has always been drawn to the worlds of mystery, magic, and the paranormal. Mysterious things have captured her interest, from ghosts and UFOs to ancient civilizations. Then, during middle school and high school, while seeking answers to resolving her chronic health issues, she began exploring metaphysical practices such as crystal healing, palmistry, tarot, past lives, and the moon’s phases. As an already-heavy meditator, Désirée graduated from The New School, where she minored in Buddhist studies. After graduating and during a particularly stressful period, Désirée discovered the world of hypnotherapy and realized the similarities between the hypnotic state and the meditative one. Since then, Désirée has become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a qualified hypnosis instructor. She is committed to helping her clients facilitate real change and healing through her unique blend of metaphysical and hypnotic practices.


Désirée joins me today to discuss the similarities and differences between hypnosis and meditation. She shares how she initially discovered the world of hypnosis and why she decided to continue her quest to learn more about its practices. We discuss how she helps clients through the hypnotic process, even when they haven’t clearly defined the outcome they want to achieve from their session. We discuss balancing indirect hypnosis with direct hypnosis practices, how she blends evidence-based hypnosis techniques with metaphysical healing practices, and how she handles push-back from skeptical clients. We also discuss the concept of microdosing hypnosis, how it helps create the foundation for greater transformation, and how to improve your ability to do hypnosis autonomously by identifying your automatic habits.


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“It’s these little things that we can do that can set the foundation for much bigger transformation” – Désirée Eckert


●     How Désirée discovered the practice of hypnosis and her quest to learn more about hypnotic practices

●     The similarities and differences between hypnosis and meditation

●     Helping clients without clearly defined outcomes

●     Balancing indirect hypnosis practices with direct hypnotic practices

●     Combining dreamwork with the hypnotic experience

●     Blending evidence-based hypnosis with metaphysical healing practices

●     How Désirée handles push-back from clients

●     How microdosing hypnosis helps set the foundation for greater transformation

●     Improving your ability to do hypnosis autonomously by identifying your automatic habits

●     Désirée’s strategy for maintaining consistency when creating and releasing content

●     How consistently releasing content helps Désirée attract new clients

●     What’s next for Désirée and Desmerized


Resources Mentioned:


●     Mindscaping by Mike Mandell

●     Session #60 – Melissa Tiers on Better Strategies

●     Session #202 – Melissa Tiers on Integrative Hypnosis Updated

●     Session #254 – Melissa Tiers shares 3 Anti-Anxiety Techniques

●     Dr. Andrew Huberman on Instagram

●     Huberman Lab


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