WSH402 – If Dave Elman Ran Your Hypnosis Business…

What would happen if you used the same strategies you use to help your clients and applied them to growing your business? For many hypnosis professionals, Dave Elman is why we began exploring the hypnosis world and turned it into a lucrative and rewarding career. Dave is a pioneer of modern hypnosis. He worked as a non-medical hypnotherapist who successfully became the expert to the medical community, bridging the gap and paving the way for thousands – if not millions – of hypnosis professionals like us.

So what can we learn from Dave’s entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, and hypnosis techniques to help us build and grow successful, sustainable hypnosis businesses while creating positive hypnotic change for our clients?

This week, I share my presentation at the Dave Elman Legacy Online Hypnosis Conference. I discuss how the hypnotic language patterns and applications of the Elman hypnosis work directly applies to the strategies you use in your hypnosis sessions and the things you do in your business. I discuss how applying the same techniques and strategies we use for our clients to build our businesses can help us grow a more successful business. I also explain the connection between Dave Elman’s induction progression and selling your clients on the ‘next step’ of their hypnotic change journey. I also discuss how we can help our clients create desire in advance through interactive change work and product pacing.

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“Every technique for change can become a universal strategy.” – Jason Linett

●     How Dave’s teaching strategies encourage you to explore using the same strategies in different scenarios

●     Using the hypnotic phenomenon to help clients create powerful change

●     The connection between the Dave Elman induction progression and selling your client’s the ‘next step’ of the hypnosis journey

●     The importance of pre-qualifying your clients before selling your services to them

●     The power of the questions you ask during the client intake process

●     Achieving emotional and practical buy-in from the client through interactive change work

●     The concepts of future pacing, product pacing, and the ‘magic spot.’

●     How every hypnosis technique can become a universal strategy for change

●     Using pre-framing techniques to create conviction in advance

●     Why I use the pre-talk technique in every hypnosis session

●     The value of metaphorically describing the hypnosis process

●     Implementing Dave’s fractionation and mental expectancy techniques into your business practices

Resources Mentioned:

●     Session #400: Keith Livingston on Sharing the Transformation

●     Session #401: Keith Livingston on Activating Change

●     Dave Elman Legacy Online Hypnosis Conference Presentation Catalog

●     Work Smart Hypnosis Online Community

●     Clickfunnels

●     The Two Comma Club

●     Book: Baby Steps by Dr. Leo M Marvin MD, PhD

●     Hypnotic Business Systems

●     Book: Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman

●     Session #1: The All-Positive Pretalk

●     Do Hypnosis Anywhere

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