WSH407 – The Inner Game of a 7-Figure Hypnosis Business

Have you ever wondered why some hypnosis professionals seem to reach a concrete ceiling when it comes to increasing their revenue while others break through glass ceiling after glass ceiling, consistently reaching – and exceeding – their revenue goals? Why does it seem like some hypnotists struggle more to reach their financial goals while for others, it seems to be relatively easy?


In a word – it’s their mindset.


This week, I share the recording of my ICBCH’s Winter Hypnosis Conference presentation titled: The Inner Game of a 7-Figure Hypnosis Business: How to Break Free of What’s Holding You Back. I share how I launched Virginia Hypnosis, how I opened my first brick-and-mortar hypnosis office using a credit card, and why I eventually moved my business – and my family – out of Virginia to live in sunny Florida. I explain how every hypnosis entrepreneur experiences periods of ‘Super-Hero Syndrome,’ ‘Savior Syndrome,’ and ‘Impostor Syndrome.’ I discuss the importance of discovering what drives and motivates you to continue building and scaling your business and how language patterns are as beneficial for you as they are for your clients. I explain why I believe the greatest threat to our happiness and well-being is our desire to stay in our comfort zones and why the best time to start experimenting is when everything is working. I also discuss the importance of finding the moments when you should ‘push and drive’ and when you should step away, relax, and reflect.


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“When you get to a place when you’ve gone as far as you can on your own, you have to start to look around.” – Jason Linett


●     How your pre-talk strategy impacts your sales

●     The hypnotic phenomenon and the benefits of blending different hypnosis styles together during a client session

●     Understanding that hypnotic depth is a metaphor

●     The top three emotional syndromes every hypnosis entrepreneur experiences

●     How asking yourself one specific question can help you decide your next steps

●     How language patterns help you as well as your clients

●     Prioritizing your goals, message, and content strategy

●     Challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone

●     Understanding what your niche is… and what it is not

●     Identifying your fears and unconscious drivers

●     The value of finding the moments to ‘push and drive’ and the moments to simply step away

●     Why the thing you’re most afraid of is often the very same thing you’re called upon to do


Resources Mentioned:


●     Email: [email protected]

●     Podcast: Session #363: Connie Jo Holmes on BU2BFULL Change

●     Podcast: Session #1: The All-Positive Pretalk

●     Book: The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small by Kath Stathers


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