Knowing why you are doing what you are doing in your hypnosis business helps keep you fresh, excited, and engaged, so your passion remains. It is critical to sit down and define what you stand for and why you want to work as a hypnosis practitioner as this can guide your actions and help you move forward in your career.

Today, I explain how this episode was inspired by Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, and share my main takeaways from the book. I discuss why it is so important to have a clear definition of what you do and why you do it and my personal why’s for my business and podcast. I also share why I continue to see clients in my private practice as well as why I am on a personal mission to help others leave careers they no longer enjoy.

“When a brand can define who they are and what they stand for, that’s what builds loyal, raving fans.” – Jason Linett

  • Why it is important to define the work you do and why you do it.
  • How businesses define themselves while building loyal customers, clients, and fans.
  • How knowing your why helps you set core values and remain focused.
  • Why I teach business to hypnotists.
  • Why I took a risk and leased space early on in my practice.
  • Why I have a goal to help people leave careers they hate.
  • The why behind my podcast.
  • Why I am fascinated with certain niche markets.
  • Why I enjoy working with stop-smoking clients.
  • The mission behind the Work Smart Hypnosis brand.
  • How defining who and what you stand for can lead to challenging decisions.
  • Why I offer online training.
  • How to find ways to bring your why into your business and practice.

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