Guess who’s back? Dan Candell returns to share his insights into working on anxiety relief. He shares why you should consider micro-niching to one category, how to build systems in your business, and how to create the ideal client experience. Dan reveals eight of the most powerful words that you can say to your client and how these words will turn your clients into raving fans and get change in motion. Dan also highlights why you need to be confident in every interaction you have with your clients.

Dan is a communications specialist, Board Certified Hypnotists, and the founder of Anxiety Relief Guy and Dan Candell Hypnosis. He is the author of The Hypnotic Connection and a columnist for the Journal of Hypnosis. He teaches hypnotic selling and persuasion techniques to business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. Dan also works with professional athletes and his consulting and training programs are changing the lives of thousands of people.

“Clients need to hear that you are confident and that you can help them.” – Dan Candell

  • Choosing anxiety as your niche
  • Automating processes to build your business
  • Enhancing client experiences
  • Being flexible and listening to your audience
  • Embracing done is better than perfect, sometimes
  • Eight words that covert all clients with anxiety
  • Why it is vital that you feel confident that you can help each client
  • Setting change in motion before you meet your client
  • Dan’s Anxiety Stopping Solution
  • Taking the time to reflect on you and your business

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