Podcast Session #258 – Scott Sandland’s HypnoThoughts Platinum Keynote- LIVE from San Diego


Scott joins me today to share his HypnoThoughts Platinum Keynote, presented live from San Diego. Scott shares how HypnoThoughts Platinum differs from HypnoThoughts Live. He reveals how the hypnosis profession was changed by the internet and how it will affect our future. Scott also shares the extent of opportunities available to hypnosis professionals and highlights how we have a unique chance to reshape the profession.

Scott Sandland is the founder of Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy, where he provides hypnosis for dental and medical applications. Working with hospitals, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, and private practice doctors, Scott is a Board Director and a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and is a Chapter President for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Scott has been featured and published in a variety of publications, including The Los Angeles Times, The Journal of the American Dental Association, and The Orange County Register. Additionally, he has presented keynote presentations at multiple conferences and events, including the American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Society of Pain Educators, and the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

“If we want to, we can do something special right now and decide what we want to transform into.” – Scott Sandland

  • HypnoThoughts Platinum’s focus on deeper insights
  • Scott’s experiences with the hypnosis profession over twenty years
  • How the internet is changing the hypnosis profession
  • Why a multitude of new hypnosis conferences will challenge the giants in 2020
  • The exciting prospects and changes in leadership
  • New opportunities to find trainers, voices, and an ethos that resonates with your style
  • Reshaping and fixing hypnosis for the betterment of all
  • Why hypnosis is a craft, not an art

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This is the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast, Session number 258. Scott Sandlands, Hypno Thoughts, Platinum Keynote Live from San Diego. Welcome to the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Lynette, your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success. Here’s your host, Jason Lynette.

Hey, it’s Jason Lynette here recording actually outdoors right now in a rather nice location. In San Diego talking about Scott Sandlin, who happens to be here right now. I sure do. Talking about, and at Scott Sandlin I might say. Yeah, we’ll go with that. . And what you’re about to listen to is actually the keynote that happened Friday evening at Hypno Thoughts Platinum and Event that happened in gorgeous San Diego.

Why are we doing this audio? This is really nice out here. It is nice out here. We should probably be doing this video actually, which, uh, Too late. Let’s keep rolling here. Which for those that missed hypno thoughts Platinum, give them like an overview of what this event was. So the idea of Hypno Thoughts Platinum is to, to balance out hypno thoughts live, you know, hypno thoughts Live is the largest hypnosis conference in the world, and it’s about diversity and fun and a wide range of topics and being exposed to new.

Hypno thoughts. Platinum is about a deep dive for people who are ready to do that sort of good to great thing in their careers and really build their skill sets where hypno thoughts live is like diverse. This is deep and that’s what we were up to. So I, I wanted the keynote to reflect that and really be, Deeper insights into my perspective and, and what I see in the profession right now, which is a side note.

This is something that you’ve all been doing with hypno thoughts live for a couple of years now. This was a sort of more concentrated version of this, that even though yes, we are talking about a conference that you can’t sign up for, Because it just happened. That being said, stick around to your emails in a few months.

The videos are gonna be available at some point. Yeah. But even at hypno Thoughts live, there are now these four hour workshop time slots mm-hmm. where it’s not just a sampling, it’s a true deep dive into the content. Yeah. We think it’s, it makes sense to give people an opportunity to get a, a richer amount of the material.

Being exposed to things in one hour increments is a great thing. And anybody who says, Well, you can’t teach in one hour, eh, shut up. We can provide a lot of value in an hour. I provide value to my clients in one hour. Many of you do as well. So this idea that you can’t teach in an hour is silly. That said, you can teach more than four times as much in four hours just because economies of scale.

We wanted to create opportunities for those deep dives. Yeah. So give us the framework, which, by the way, check out HT live.net. That’s where they can find information For hypno thoughts live. August 14th, 1516 in Las Vegas. Yes. I can remember dates, but set the stage for the keynote that they’re about to listen to.

Okay. So the, the keynote was really my, my perspective on where we are as a profession, a little bit of a state of the union kind of thing, and intentionally provocative and to start a couple conversations. One of them circles back around the idea of the pros and cons of licensure. And to be clear, I am not pro or on that my jury is completely out.

I really have not made up my mind on if it’s a good idea or not, but I recognize there are some good things worth discussing and some potential problems. Also, the leadership and where. The leadership is in our profession right now, is sort of the state of that, and I also hear this internet thing is taking off.

Yeah. I think it’s important to say that there’s been a lot of disruption in our profession by the internet. And I just talked about my front row seat for that. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So we’re gonna jump right in. Here we go. This is episode number 258. Scott Sandlands, Hypno Thoughts Platinum San Diego keynote.

Let’s start by saying thank you. Thank you to the awesome presenters, the six of you who. Said, I don’t, I’m not really sure what you guys are doing. This is your first one, but we like you, so Yes. So first of all, round of applause to our six awesome presenters. Yay. We’re

most, mostly Kelly. Let’s, if we’re being honest, The second thank you I want to share is to a person who I never get to say thank you to when she’s in front of us, because she’s always too busy. And that is Stephanie Skiba, who is everything.

And to a much lesser extent, I’d like to also thank Richard Clark. Um, without whom most of this would not be necessary. Uh, Richard, thank you.

And, and I mean it. I thank you to you guys. We said we’re doing a new thing. You know, we’ve got a big thing in Vegas, you all know that. And we said we wanna do something different. We want to do something intentionally intimate. We want to do something intentionally a little bit more thoughtful. We want to do something that’s geared not towards the wide road of everybody, but intentionally something that is geared towards people who are ready to take a next step in their career.

And we ask you. To join us and thank you for being the people who said I’m coming. So thank you to you guys as well. And round applause for yourself please.

So I see clients, That’s my job, right? I’m a clinician. People, people sometimes forget that about me. They think, Oh, you’re the guy who does hypno thoughts. No, I have an office. I see. And yesterday I had, my last client of the day was at three o’clock. You know, I ended early and Stephanie knows that my three o’clock client yesterday, cuz Stephanie runs all of my life.

My three o’clock client’s. A pain in the ass, right? Yeah. Yeah. She’s, she’s maybe my largest hassle of a client and she’s getting great results. She’s really happy. And she came in, this was her fifth session, and she came in for insomnia. She was getting about two hours of sleep a night, and she’s now getting about seven hours of sleep a night.

But she wakes up a couple times, and so we’re just ironing that out. And so she comes in and how’s it going? And she said, You know, I’m sleeping. And she tells me what she tells me and I was like, Oh, so the hypnosis is working. And she goes, Well,

I don’t believe in hypnosis. . But something’s happening and I think you’re responsible. , she’s a pain. And I go, Well, what do you mean? She goes, and she said this sentence, she says, I’m not the kind of person who believes in hypnosis. And I said, So why’d you give me two grand? And she said, Well, the doctor said you could help.

And I said, And she goes, Thank. You’ve given me my life back. You’ve given me the, and all the stuff that our happy clients say to us. And she said all those things and it’s wonderful. And she credited me, not hypnosis, because she’s not the kind of person who believes in hypnosis. She said, I don’t believe in hypnosis, but I believe something important is happening and I believe you’re responsible.

And that sentence was echoing in my head on the drive down here because it’s interesting. Because I don’t know what it could have been besides the hypnosis that would make me so special, that would change her behaviors.

A couple of you have heard me say this, If the hypno, if the profession of hypnosis. Came to me as a client, I would fire that client for not being ready to change. It is a resistant, stubborn pain in the ass client, just like this woman. I have been doing this job my entire adult life. It is the only job I have ever had for a little while.

For two, maybe three years, I was the youngest in the world. I had wonderful mentors because of that. I was doing this before my freshman year of college. So that means I’ve been in a lot of different seats in a lot of different rooms. I have been the very, very lonely nobody. At conferences that can’t go to an event like this because they’re serving alcohol.

I have been Michael Watson, who some of you know, great guy, wonderful mentor for the I M D H A, for which I am now a life fellow and board member. But at one point he said he watched me in a two year period change from the kid that was showing up and no one knew why to the golden child that Michael Elner had anointed.

I got to see those perspectives and I got put on the board of directors for the I M D H A and then the IMD h it got sold and I watched the sale of the, the organization and I watched that part of our profession as a business, and I watched the organization politics change and people get removed from boards because of politic.

And it, it jaded me in an interesting way. Some of you who’ve known me for a long time know my naivete is, is still fairly strong. All these years later, Richard Clark and I were having a conversation about the organizations. I don’t know, maybe seven years, six years ago. And I said, they see me and they think my kindness is a weakness.

And Richard goes, You think they’re wrong? ? And uh, I’ve had an interesting perspective on the industry and I want to talk to you guys about that tonight because we’re talking about a group of people that wanna take the next step in their career. I think we’re in an interesting spot with where we exist.

With the politics, with the, the technology and the modality, and I wanna talk about each of those, the certifying bodies that exist right now in the profession aren’t going to exist. In a few years, we are in a really interesting time of change. Like I said, I’m on a board of directors. I’m a life fellow.

I’m on, I, I think I still am, uh, one on the ethics board for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. I look great on paper, guys, but I know, I understand now why that’s the politics. But I’ve been in the room, I’ve talked to the people, and none of them were ready for the internet. William Mitchell, who has a conference right now that we’ll get to it in a second.

William and I were sitting at the Mid America Hypnosis Conference sitting next to each other during the keynote nine years ago, and the guy giving the keynote was a smart guy named Scott Giles, who some of you know Scott’s a smart guy. Scott said The internet is going to change the profession hypnosis because it’s going to shrink everything, and the two major organizations will get bigger and anything else will.

And I looked at William, I said, That is the opposite of correct, and it’s not. And I told you so, but look at what’s happening. We have everything growing. Lots of grassroot stuff. That’s one of the neat things about the internet. It’s democratizing stuff, right? It gives everybody an equal voice. 15 years ago, only organizations with giant mailing lists had any real authority, and they used that mailing list and that financial leverage to influence presenters and trainers to being part of them.

Now, it is easier for us to generate our own mailing list than it is to necessarily play by their rules to pay our dues. Now, I came up in the time where I had to pay my dues and I did, and that’s great and I, I’m happy that I. And I built my own mailing list, you know, with hypno thoughts.com. We got together in the community of us, went from zero to 28,000, which made it a larger mailing list than any hypnosis organization.

So they started treating me differently and I watched the business side of this and the organizations told me over and over, the internet is not gonna change this profession. They also told me you can’t learn hypnosis online. And I said, Harvard’s teaching psychology online. Don’t you think if Harvard can teach psychology online, we might be able to do that with the Elman induction?

I don’t know. Apparently the mail order DVDs were fine, but once it was going through a modem, all bets were off. So they missed and they’re scrambling because of it. Now, these are friends of mine, and I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m saying this because we need to be paying attention to what’s happening around us.

Those organizations are now stepping on each other’s toes a little bit, and the idea of an event like this, the idea of something that’s more than a workshop, something more than an individual class, something where we’re getting multiple trainers. Richard non guard, who’s a great friend of mine, uh, just had his event, the IC b c h winter Conference a few days ago, and we are stepping on his toes by being here.

And that’s, I wanna be really clear, that was because of a mistake that we made. And, and Richard and I talked about it. We all talked about it, and everything’s great. There’s no politics, there’s no sniping, there’s no anything like, But it’s Richard in response wrote a wonderful article blog post about how there were nine new conferences showing up in 2019, nine.

After a couple decades of no new conferences, after a couple decades of, no one could challenge those incumbents, no one could go up against those giant organizations. There were nine new ones in one year. And and he accurately credited hypno thoughts live as the tipping point of that, as the turning point in that momentum and hypno thoughts live.

Because we had that mailing list because we had great relationships and because we had wonderful support from people exactly like, and including you guys, we were able to shift things. And a lot of people saw that, and a lot of people did some math on head counts and dollars per butt in seats, and they said, I want to get in on that.

Some of those conferences are wonderful and some of those conferences are absolutely not, and I’m not here to, you know, Pick and, and do all that. I I, I don’t mean to do that, but an example is, uh, William Mitchell, who I said a moment ago, we will get back to, William, has a conference called the Heartland Hypnosis Conference.

It’s a small regional conference, about a hundred people go to it, maybe 125, something like that. It’s good and it’s, it’s targeted. It’s trying to be something and it’s being that thing. And this year the IM DHA is going to be on the exact same week. So we have two conferences now on the same weekend. We had hours, you know, a week after I C B C H.

We have ihf and ACH E coming up right in between those two conferences that I just named. There’s a ton of stuff stacking up. We are at what I consider the fuzzy front end of the big change in hypnosis right now. It’s fuzzy. We don’t really get what’s going on, and there’s some people who are really doing their best to do great work there and to help and provide value and have an ethos that they’re sharing.

There are other people who are trying to do a cash grab. That’s true for any profession and any opportunity there will be opportunists. And so hopefully in this fuzzy front end, the better opportunities will succeed and the opportunists will fail. I hope. I don’t know that that’s true. That’s not always the case, but I think we have good discerning people here and we have good presenters.

The presenters have started recognizing that, and the presenters have started recognizing they don’t have to just back people because there’s money in that event. They can start backing people whose ethos they believe in and support, and I think that’s a really great thing. So this fuzzy front end that we are necessarily operators within, right?

There’s that expression of fish doesn’t know it’s swimming in water, right? The follow up thought to that is if humans can’t see air, can fish even see water? And then can fish see the air? It gets weird fast. I’m not gonna dig into it. Um, I want us to all be aware of the water We’re swimming in and we’re swimming in water with current, and we’re swimming in water.

That’s changing right now.

We have to make some really important decisions about what we want this profession to be because the organizations that have led us are currently playing catch up and they can’t lead. They are my friends. They are wonderful people who have done a bunch of great work for this profession. They are currently not in a position of leadership.

They are catching up. I say that with sincere respect and in some cases reverence for the people involved. But the situation is, is these are the people that want to help others. These are the people. That want to shape a career path and a profession that’s designed towards. Providing a life for yourself, providing a life for your family, providing a life of success, and making a difference.

That old Steve Jobs expression to make a dent in this world. These are the kinds of people want to do that, and so we need to talk about how we can navigate that because we don’t. The authoritarian central leadership and bribes and financial leverage that we had guiding us a decade ago. It has to be different.

Two years ago, I gave a keynote to Hyp Thoughts Live, where I said, I am trying to use community and fun to manipulate this profession. I said it, then I meant it then, and I mean it. Now I want to manipulate this profess. And I don’t mean that from the sake of I’m in charge and I want to help be, cuz I’ve been in a lot of seats and I’ve seen a lot of things that a lot of people don’t get to see.

Cuz a lot of people forgot that the lonely kid who was then the golden child was in the room. The first two years I was on a board of directors. I asked then the founder and president of the Im dha, her name’s Anne Spencer. Most of you have never even heard her. Because she sold the organization so many years ago.

I said, You’re putting me on the board. I’m a child. What do you want me to do? She said, I want you to shut up and learn because every, the rest of us are old, and someday you’re gonna be the only one left. So I want you to pay attention. So I did, I was really fortunate that she put me in that room. We, I think maybe will end up being fortunate that she was cool enough to put me in that room.

And the Paul Durbins and the Michael Elner and all these people who passed away gave me advice. They gave me insights, and they told me about what needs to happen from their perspective. I’m a nerd. I’m a technologist. I understand the internet, I understand technology, and I understand how it shapes relationships, and we are in a position where leadership needs to change and it can be much more democratized than ever before.

It can be much more grassroots than ever before. That’s really exciting. It really is because it’s not just about message boards. It’s not just about hypno thoughts.com or Facebook groups. Those are great. They really are. But it’s about how small the world has become. It’s about the fact that I know deeply in relationships, 25 hypnotists who don’t live in America.

I have the cell phone numbers of another 50, and I’m not saying this to say, Oh, how cool am I? I’m saying, How cool is this? How cool is it that we know these people from other countries, from other walks of life, from other specialties and subspecialties within our career path? We didn’t have this before, so we’ve gotta figure out what we wanna do with that.

So I wanna talk about the modality for a second. Cause the modality is doing great. The industry is in turmoil, but the modality is better than it’s ever been. The innovations that are being done in our path is just so fun to watch. The, the fundamental skills that a lot of people are getting that they couldn’t get before, the ability to practice and get feedback at a rapid scale is better than it’s ever been before.

The, the ability to learn from people who aren’t geographically proximal to you is better than it’s ever been before. So the modality is really, really succeeding and it’s easier than ever before for you to compare apples to apples and to find the trainers and the voices, and the styles and perspectives that fit with you, that resonate with your skills, and you’re just sort of innate abilities and to be exposed to stuff that doesn’t fit.

And to be exposed to yourself that doesn’t fit in a way that allows you to respect people who are doing things a different way instead of just thinking of it as other out there, an alien. But to look and see that, that means that’s that person who does things in a way that’s alien or other is actually a referral opportunity and a referral source for you.

That’s the democratization of our modality that’s making where we are. So, And it’s so much fun to watch. It really is profoundly fun.

And so it brings me back to this sentence as I think of where our industry is and where our people and our modality are.

I wonder sometimes I think, I don’t believe in hypnosis. I know something’s working, something’s changing. I think you’re responsible. And I say responsible, I really mean that in a multitude of ways. You’re responsible cuz you’re making it happen and because you’re making it happen. You’re responsible. We need to figure out what we want to do.

We need to talk about what we want this to be. I’ve talked to the guys who are in the room when they killed the legislature to make hypnosis a state licensed therapy in the state of California. Talked to the people who were in the room. It was ready to go in California. Hypnotherapy was going to be state.

Just like acupuncture. Just like chiropractic. And I talked to the people who intentionally killed it, and I’ve asked them why, and the answers were self-serving, the answers were self-serving. One of them said, I have a big school. The day it becomes state license, I’m competing with ucla. So I shut it down.

See the history of hypnosis. I don’t know how many of you actually studied the hip history of hypnosis, but if you actually do your homework on it, you can see a series of opportunities we had. And then we screwed him up and a couple people got rich. There’s five or six moments in the history of our profession where we could have done things right and lived up to our potential, and instead a couple people got rich.

Okay? I’m telling you right now, with complete certainty, we are on the fuzzy front end. Of one of those right now. And the difference is we are in the absence of that leadership that could have steered us in the wrong direction and historically has not those specific people, but those specific roles. So we get to pick, we get to do a bunch of really cool stuff.

We are in a really happy position. We are in a really fortunate spot. I heard someone say America right now is in a neat spot. It’s like being in the fall of Rome, but with wifi, and uh, and we need to be having better conversations. We need to be having more candid, uncomfortable conversations. The fact that I’m saying this, the fact that it’s being recorded and the fact that someone I’m talking about right now is gonna be mad at me about this and I’m certain my phone’s gonna ring anytime this gets distributed.

Oh yeah, that’s gonna go up on YouTube and I’m, my phone’s gonna ring from people who are not thrilled. They’re not psyched, but you know what? They missed the internet. The defining technology on the planet, they missed it. And that matters because we didn’t. Okay, cool. What do we want, if you could reshape hypnosis right now as an industry, as a profession, if you were the king of all hypnotists and got to run it, what would it be like in three years and what would you have to do to get it there?

If you could fast forward three or five years into the future? And decide what hypnosis was going to be like as a profession, and then look back and say, and here are the changes we needed to make. Some of which were kind of uncomfortable, but totally worth it. What would those be? I’m genuinely asking you to ask that of yourself and of the friends and colleagues that you respect, because we are absolutely and totally there right now.

Don’t miss it. This is fun. This moment happens very rarely, and we’re in the driver’s seat if we choose to be, and we get to decide where we point this thing. Are you asking us that question? I am now. Yeah. Go ahead, Kelly. You guys Training, standardized. Training, fantastic. Standardized training becomes the obvious.

Follow up. Who gets to standardize it? Right. It’s an important thing. Standardized training is a fantastic thing that I hope happens. No, what, uh, she brought up the concept of marketing and, and the, the quality of work that can be done. And I think even like, jump up a level beyond that and a PR campaign for the modality, right?

Remember that like pork, the other white meat chicken, it’s what’s for dinner? You know, all these councils have grouped together, the Dairy council has created, you know, those kinds of things where people are working. I wanna talk to you about a fun thing about working together. One second. Yeah, I’ll get to you just one second.

Ed. Six years ago, I went to all the organizations at all the conferences and I said, Hey guys. I don’t know if you noticed, but I now have the biggest mailing list ish. I’ve been to all your conferences and been super supportive. I’m on your boards. You guys like me. I like you. I’m a clinician. We’re cool. I don’t know if you know as my conference is growing and all of yours is shrink.

How about I offer you a bunch of cash to partner with me? I offered every organization the same deal. I offered all of them more money over five years than they’ve made over the last five years. Made ’em a really good offer. Not a single one of them said anything nice and reply. Okay? And these are friends of mine and they all said, Kurt responses on something along the lines of, uh, how dare you, you think you can?

And I was like, . I was like, Guys, I, I want you to be the heroes. I want to combine everything. I want there to be synergy instead of separation. I think there’s an opportunity here, and I’m happy to be the guy that makes you go down in history as the hero. And by the way, you’ll make the money. I don’t need to make the money.

I don’t need the credit. I just think it’s the right thing for all of us. And all of them said, Look, I’m making money the way I am. Why would I change things?

All of them would. Every single one of them would’ve made more money with that plan than they ended up with over the last five years. That’s what the dinosaurs said. Yeah, exactly right. And so, The idea of teamwork is semi foreign to them in some ways. And so we as members of those organizations, as dues paying members should give them that feedback if we want to.

And by the way, I that offer, I have rescinded . That offer is not on the table anymore. They had that opportunity. Uh, Ed, you had a comment. I think we should reach out to younger people. You think we should reach out to younger people? Four people. I think YouTube videos has done a fantastic job of engaging.

And what’s his name from America’s Got Talent. Jason. You know the guy I’m talking about? Chris Jones? Yeah, Chris Jones. Thank you. Yeah, Chris on America’s Got Talent, Darren Brown has done, although Darren Brown has made a bunch of weirdos in the UK get into it too. Let’s not kid ourselves. There’s some wonderful UK hypnotist, but some really weird ones and that’s Darren’s fault.

End of list, . But no, we have a little bit of pop culture going for. A little and reaching out to young kids, which goes back to pr, which goes back to this opportunity. There’s not a lot of hypnotist. Career day, right. . We could do something with that. We couldn’t, We could get us to be more legitimized. I don’t know if you guys have heard this sentence, but about 10 years ago, for about, or about 20 years ago, for that 10 year period, I kept hearing.

Hypnosis is right now where acupuncture was 11 years ago is oddly specific. Yes. Yeah. 11. Why was it always 11? Yes, because I heard that for about 14 years , and they just kept saying, Hypnosis is right where acupuncture was 11 years ago. And so has anyone done the homework on that? I looked it up cuz I’m a nerd.

They were right. We were right where acupuncture was. And then we did all the exact opposite things. Uh, leadership that guided us to intentionally do the exact opposite things. Training, standards, legislation, state licensure, objective standards, all those things that we said. Hypnosis is an art. It can’t be measured, it can’t be judge.

I was like, Movies are judged. They have critics. Food is criticized. Mu all art has critics and is judged. Why is hypnosis the special thing that can’t be? That’s a dumb sentence. Also, Oh, by the way, uh, Roy Hunter, I hates when I say this. Um, Roy wrote a book that was one of my favorite books for a long time, called The Art of Hypnosis, right?

We’ve all read the book. Anybody here who has not yet read The Art of Hypnosis? Oh, read it. It’s very good. It’s great book. Yeah. Yeah. Xander. Yeah. . I’ll get you one for your birthday, buddy. The Art of Hypnosis is a great book. I have realized in the last couple years that hypnosis is not an. It’s not an art.

You go to the louv, you look at art, and you get to spend time sitting there looking at it and appreciating it at your own time. Hypnosis is a craft because if you build a chair and I can’t sit in it or it breaks, that’s not a chair, right? There is a utility. Your hypnosis has to work. It has to work in time.

It can’t just be art that soft sophist. There has to be a utility function to it. And in that utility we can measure that. We can audit that if we’re willing to be audited. And everything that you guys have said requires that, And what the organizations have done is protect you with, It’s an art. You don’t have to be audited, you don’t have to be accountable.

You don’t have to be responsible. You’re a special artist. You beautiful. Snowflake, , . You’re the only one like you and that’s great. No, not good enough for me. I’m saying we, if we want to, can do something really special starting now in the fuzzy front end of this profession, in this weird metamorphic time in our industry.

We can decide what we want to transform. , if anything at all. We’re not gonna get legislated out of existence. We’re not the financial incentive for the states. It just doesn’t make sense unless some people get really, really, , we’re fine. So don’t be scared. That’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is that there are more and more conferences from people who don’t see clients because it’s the way they make money.

What happens is there’s more and more people fighting over table scraps instead of recognizing how much there is. There’s so much. There are more people studying marriage and family therapy in the state of California today than there are full-time hypnotists on the planet. That’s a wasted opportunity for us to use the tools we have to help people who need it, and we are the ones who need to fix it because more and more, I don’t believe in hypnosis, but I believe something awesome is happening and you are responsible.

So I wanna just end this by saying thank you. Thank you for being. Responsible. Thank you for making so many great changes in so many people’s lives that we can come to things like this. Thank you for caring about helping so many more people. Thank you for wanting to share your insights instead of just making hundreds of dollars an hour.

You get on a plane to come teach people, and by the way, all six presenters are get took a pay cut to present in here because they’re committed to that idea. That’s awesome. Yeah, please.

That’s walking the walk, that’s practicing what they preach. We need to be inspired by that example, and I hope you guys will, We have two more awesome days with four more awesome presenters. This is the start of a conversation that’s intentionally provocative. I hope I provoked a couple of you and I hope I provoked you enough to talk to each other about it and to talk to people who weren’t here to hear this.

And I hope whoever’s mad at me when these videos show up on the internet, call me. I’d love to chat. . Thank you. Oh, thank you guys very much. Thank you,

Jason Lynette, and thank you so much for joining us. And Scott, we’ll toss it over to you. Where can they go to check out hypno thoughts Live? At HT live.net. If you guys are interested in learning more, check it out there. Also go to, we have a Facebook group that’s really active. I dunno if you guys have heard of Facebook, It’s working , Um, check out the Facebook group Hypno Thoughts Live.

You’ll get to know a lot of the presenters before you come to Vegas. Then when, link to all that in the show [email protected] See you in Vegas. Thanks for listening to the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast and work smart hypnosis.com.