Karl Smith joins me today to share the power of delivery through the direct model of hypnosis. He shares how, rather than using the long path of ambiguity and metaphoric stories, he goes straight in and deals with the subconscious brain, which is the part of the brain that drives us. He shares how his authoritarian approach creates change quickly and describes the Emotional Detox technique. He shares his interpretation of calibration and its importance in helping clients. He also reveals why releasing videos are an ideal way of finding the clients that want to work with you.

Karl is the founder and Managing Director at the UK Hypnosis Academy, a training institute for new and advanced hypnotherapists. He is also the founder of Karl Smith Hypnotherapy, where he helps clients using a unique method of Rapid Hypnosis. Karl is a post-trauma specialist, mental welfare coach, international speaker, and author of There is no ‘D’ in PTSD, published in 2017. Karl illustrates aspects of his work and how he coaches clients on his popular YouTube channel.

“ It’s the delivery. It’s the personality of the therapist, not the certificates on the wall that gets the results..”- Karl Smith

  • What the direct model of hypnosis is
  • Using direct suggestions that can make change happen quickly
  • How to use Karl’s Emotional Detox technique to help clients release feelings, thoughts, and emotions
  • Building rapport using a direct approach
  • Why you should have a YouTube channel to find the clients that want to work with you
  • The importance of belief, intent, and confidence in yourself and your work
  • Getting started by making mistakes and perfecting it later
  • What calibration is and how to be in tune with a person

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