Howard Cooper is one of the UK’s leading Rapid Change Therapists, a Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Thought Field Therapist, and the Founder of Rapid ChangeWorks. He has 19 years of experience helping more than 2,500 people make rapid shifts in their thinking. Howard spent two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s critically-acclaimed ‘Flying Without Fear’ course and has appeared in media, including The Daily Telegraph, BBC, Channel 4, Daily Express, CEO Magazine, and The Sun.

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Howard joins me today to discuss metaphors to release anxiety. Howard shares when it is appropriate to intervene with children’s issues and why they should decide whether to proceed with therapy. He shares a metaphor that shows how fears can be created through a misinterpretation of threats and discusses his upcoming book: The Rustle Of Leaves. Howard reveals a metaphor and process for working with bedwetting and highlights why it is vital to introduce an ethical guideline and medical check before working with the issue.

“ Sometimes people become afraid of things that pose no threat.” – Howard Cooper

  • Why you should only intervene with hypnotherapy for children when chronic issues persist
  • Why clients should take ownership for change, rather than expecting someone else to ‘magic it away’ for them
  • How the misinterpretation of threats can create unfounded fears
  • Howard’s upcoming book: The Rustle Of Leaves and how to buy it
  • Howard’s process for working with bedwetting, including the plug metaphor
  • Ensuring there is no medical reason before working with bedwetting

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