Joshua Peters is a speaker, coach, and certified hypnotist at X-Factor Hypnosis, where he blends hypnosis and coaching practices to help entrepreneurs and top performers across every industry to accelerate their business, enhance their creativity, and uncover their hidden challenges to create powerful positive change. He is also the President of Josua Rey Productions, LLC where he performs comedy stunts like fire eating and escaping chains while in a straightjacket for audiences at outdoor festivals and fairs. Joshua received his Master Hypnotherapist certification from Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy and became certified as an International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist by the Hypnotherapy Association.

Today, Joshua shares how he discovered hypnosis while attending middle school through a book he found in his school’s library and how that book planted the seed for his future career. He shares his experiences of being mentored by the great side show performer, Harley Newman, and how he realized that by becoming a side show performer himself, he was using his performances as a way to overcome his own fears and hidden challenges. He shares the pivotal moment when he decided to become a professional hypnotherapist and the method he used early on to charge his clients for their hypnosis sessions. We discuss how Joshua leveraged the power of attending networking events to grow his business and the benefits of participating in business networking groups. Joshua also shares the ‘go-to tools’ and strategies he leverages from his hypnotic tool kit, how he handles challenging clients, and what he’s most excited about for the future of his hypnosis business.

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“If you’re feeling any fear that’s showing up for you, that’s a good sign that you’re doing something right.” – Joshua Peters

  • How Joshua discovered self-hypnosis at an early age
  • The difference between side show acts and magic acts
  • The pivotal moment when hypnosis officially became Joshua’s preferred career choice
  • The pricing method he used early on in his hypnosis career and how it has evolved over time
  • How Joshua pivoted from helping clients stop smoking to helping entrepreneurs overcome procrastination
  • How Joshua leveraged the power of networking events to grow his hypnosis business
  • The benefits of becoming an active member of a business networking group
  • Strategies Joshua uses to attract new hypnosis clients
  • Creating a flexible entry point in your client journey process to suit most client needs
  • Joshua’s ‘go-to tools’ in his hypnotic tool kit
  • Determining when your clients have ‘graduated’ from their hypnosis sessions
  • Dealing with challenging clients and determining when to upsell your services
  • What Joshua is currently most excited about for his hypnosis business

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