While working with clients, it’s always important to keep the end goal in mind; to strive for permanent, long-term success, but how do you achieve that success without reaching smaller goals that will help get your clients there? Allowing a certain level of instant gratification into your practice can offer many benefits to your process as well as your clients.

On today’s episode, I’m going to share with you my Instant Gratification Formula and how allowing your clients a little instant gratification while working with them can help create a domino effect in your process toward their long-term success.

“There’s something really, really beneficial about getting your foot in the door.”

  • Strategies for future-pacing your clients
  • Incorporating future-pacing strategies during the initial phone interview
  • The goal is the mindset of getting your foot in the door
  • Utilizing role-playing techniques to provide instant gratification moments
  • Utilizing Keith Livingston’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger Rapport Technique” during the first appointment with your client
  • How using the Instant Gratification Formula helps you become more client-centric and allows your clients to write the script and build the process for you
  • Looking for ways to make incremental changes toward the long-term success goals
  • Using hyper-suggestibility strategies for instant gratification moments
  • Using a one to five emergence to fold in hypnotic suggestion
  • Having your clients keep track of their progress between sessions
  • Using the New Behavior Generator

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