The Work Smart Hypnosis philosophy often states that you, as the practitioner, are a whole lot more flexible with hypnosis than your client. Through our episodes on pre-talks, ego strengthening, and secondary gains, we have explored positivity, the resistant client, and how to be the best hypnotist for you and your client. But, should we avoid clients resistant to change? And if you have one in front of you – can you fire them?

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In today’s episode, I discuss the topic of firing clients. I share how you can steer your sessions with precise questions and executive communication to prevent problem situations. I define Epiphany Seeding and share how your intake questioning can change perception and lead to the problem being seen as the solution. I share how you can set the change into motion by inviting your client to rise to the occasion and shine a spotlight on where the focus should be. I also share an action step to prevent resistance issues, help other businesses grow, and think differently about what you do.

“ The quality of the experience you have is often directly proportionate to the quality of the questions that you ask.” – Jason Linett

  • Satisfying objections before they arise and directing the momentum of your sessions in a way that prevents the problem situation
  • Making your questions incredibly clear through executive communication
  • Why actions should precede suggestions
  • Creating systems to educate and inform your clients before they become your clients
  • The formula behind Epiphany Seeding moments and asking questions to shift things so a problem can be seen as a solution
  • Working from a place of transparency and bringing your client back into the process
  • Using hypnotic language and emotion as a suggestion to bring the session to a place where you are in a no-fault situation and serving the client better

Using a Take-Away Sale Phrase to Address Resistant Clients:

  • “You know it’s a rare concern when we find ourselves working on the process rather than in the process. And when that becomes the situation – I can see I don’t think we are a match to work together.”

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