WSH272 – Teaching Hypnosis Online

Learn hypnosis… online! Richard Nongard joins me today to discuss teaching hypnosis online, as 2020 becomes the year of the online experience. We share what online teaching offers that face-to-face training does not and the advantages of having access to information prior and post-training. We discuss how online interactions with trainers and co-trainees enrich the learning experience and give access to other points of view and the experiences of others. We also discuss how the coronavirus quarantine is proving the effectiveness and concept of online learning and teaching.


Richard is a Certified Professional Hypnotist, teacher, and the founder of Subliminal Science and Hypnosis Nevada. He has more than 30 years of experience and was one of the first to venture into teaching hypnosis online. Richard is a well-known keynote speaker and the author of several best-selling books. Richard has a Master’s in Counseling and a doctorate in Transformation Leadership from Bakke Graduate University, and he is currently the President of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists.


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“People can learn processes, see demonstrations, and interact if an instructor understands how to teach online versus teaching to a live group, which is an entirely different learning experience.” – Richard Nongard




  • What online hypnosis teaching can offer that in-person teaching cannot
  • The advantages of pre-class learning resources and materials
  • How online permits building professional networks beyond geographical borders
  • The value of digesting content and practicing between online classes
  • How real-time online interactions differ from in-person interactions
  • Training on Zoom and using the breakout function
  • How training sessions are enriched by the experiences and opinions of those participating
  • The importance of understanding the parts and states of hypnosis
  • How the quarantine is showing proof of concept in online teaching and learning




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