WSH405 – The Right Words at the Right Time

Specificity. It’s knowing the right words you should say at the right time to help your clients create rapid, life-altering change and see exceptional results. Sometimes, helping clients create hypnotic change is simply a case of the nuances we use; sometimes, it’s the transition, and sometimes it’s the attitude we bring to the session.

But how do you ensure you’re using the right words at exactly the right time in every hypnosis session you have with your clients?

This week, I discuss why it’s important for hypnotists to be specific and intentional about the words they use in client sessions. I share the words and phrases I use with my clients to help them experience deeper, more meaningful, and lasting change and why we should never tell clients that the ‘hypnotized feeling’ doesn’t exist. I explain how the words and phrases we use in our client sessions help create a kinesthetic response which helps prime them for a more positive hypnosis experience. I also explain how we can use linguistic strategies to create micro-wins in our client sessions.

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“It’s the beauty of how we’re creating a subjective experience.” – Jason Linett

●     The power of the hypnotic pre-talk and the words and phrases I use during my hypnotic pre-talk sessions

●     Why you shouldn’t tell your clients that there’s no such thing as a ‘hypnotized feeling’

●     Creating a kinesthetic response to prime your clients for a more positive hypnotic experience

●     Building safety into your online hypnosis sessions

●     Using linguistic strategies to create micro-wins in our client sessions.

Resources Mentioned:

●     Podcast: Session #88: Tom Nicoli on Visionary Success

●     Podcast: Session #261: Tom Nicoli Goes Online

●     Podcast: Session #43: Jonathan Chase – Part One

●     Podcast: Session #44: Jonathan Chase – Part Two

●     Podcast: Session #60: Melissa Tiers on Better Strategies

●     Podcast: Session #202: Melissa Tiers on Integrative Hypnosis Updated

●     Podcast: Session #254: Melissa Tiers shares 3 Anti-Anxiety Techniques


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