Boom! Episode #300! We flip the roles today and recent guest Nanci Adair joins to interview ME, Jason Linett! We talk about my approach to marketing and business growth. I share how you can begin interacting with an audience from the angle of give, give, give, get. I share what we can do as a community and how you can utilize media and systems to have a more significant impact. I share how my end of the funnel positioning works and the value of scheduling and timeframes. I also highlight why it is vital to understand that not everyone is a match for you, but success lies inside your unique take on it.

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“ Nothing is worth doing unless you are going to give it two or three years of solid effort.” – Jason Linett

  • Why you should approach your business and marketing with a long-term view
  • My take on hypnosis, methodology, and why I bring guests on the show
  • Why it’s vital to build relationships and work from a value-first mindset
  • The unintended benefits of referencing previous podcast episodes
  • My next goal: building a business community and adding a new audience
  • Using media and systems to create a bigger impact
  • How to use end of the funnel positioning to put people on the success side of the equation
  • Scheduling, timeframes, and prioritizing to make things happen
  • Why you should embrace that you cannot always be a match for everybody

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