Session #413: Scott Sandland on A.I. and Real Hypnotic Connections

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Artificial Intelligence and Hypnosis

Scott Sandland, esteemed hypnotherapist since 1998, has a rich history of providing hypnotherapy services in diverse settings, including Drug Rehabilitation Centers, dentists and doctors offices, and his private hypnosis clinic. As the Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Director of Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy – The Newport Clinic, he continuously demonstrates exceptional leadership and therapeutic expertise. Scott is also the Founder and CEO of Hypnosummit and the HypnoThoughts LIVE conference, further establishing his prominence in the hypnotherapy field. With features in renowned publications like the LA Times and The Orange County Register along with guest appearances on notable hypnosis podcasts, Scott’s influence and expertise are recognized widely. His contributions to hypnotherapy, drug rehabilitation, and the broader wellness industry remain indispensable.

Scott joins me today to discuss what we, as hypnotists, should keep in mnd as the technology of A.I continues to grow. He describes his experience with building A.I. tools and programs and the difference between automation and artificial intelligence. We discuss the true goal of a Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT and share some ethical ways you can use A.I. and LLM programs in your practice. We discuss the importance of learning prompt engineering and priming and the value of using ChatGPT plug-ins to effectively use the program in your business. We also discuss Scott’s approach to learning new concepts, skills, and techniques and integrating them into his work, the value of attending conferences and hypnosis events, and what you can expect at this year’s HypnoThoughts LIVE convention.

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We need to be focusing on augmentation, not automation, in critical conversations.” – Scott Sandland

  • Scott’s experience with building tools and programs in the A.I. space
  • The difference between automation and artificial intelligence
  • Common mistakes many hypnosis professionals make when considering the use of A.I. programs like ChatGPT
  • The true goal of an LLM
  • Suggested modifications to make A.I. programs more effective
  • Ethical uses of A.I. tools like ChatGPT
  • Learning prompt engineering, priming, and using ChatGPT plug-ins
  • Scott’s approach to learning new concepts and integrating them into his work
  • Why you need to seek out conferences and events that are aspirational, motivational, and educational
  • What to expect at HypnoThoughts LIVE 2023


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