WSH374 – Scott Sandland on Hypnotic Legacies

Scott Sandland has been a hypnotherapist since 1998. Throughout his career, he has worked on the Drug Rehabilitation Center’s clinical teams as well as inside dentists and doctors offices while running a private hypnosis clinic. He is the Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Director of Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy – The Newport Clinic as well as the Founder and CEO of Hypnosummit and the Hypnothoughts LIVE conference. Scott has been featured multiple times in publication, including the LA Times, The Orange County Register, and has made guest appearances on hypnosis podcasts, including multiple appearances on the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast.


Scott joins me today to discuss the power of creating hypnotic legacies. We discuss what inspired Scott to create the HypnoThoughts LIVE conference and community and the important factors for staying relevant and creating lasting value in the hypnosis industry. We discuss what Scott believes our true legacy is as hypnosis professionals and the moments that Scott is most proud of since he began hosting the conference. We also discuss what you can expect at HypnoThoughtsLIVE 2022, the fun new networking events taking place this year, and how his early experiences with impostor syndrome and self-doubt impacted the way he plans the conference.


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“The professionals who we inspire is much more our legacy than anything else.” – Scott Sandland


●      Scott’s background and what led him to create the HypnoThoughts community and conference

●      Important factors for staying relevant and creating lasting value in the hypnosis industry

●      Debunking the idea that your popularity has a merit

●      Why 20% of HypnoThoughtsLIVE presenters are first-time presenters

●      What to expect at HypnoThoughtsLIVE 2022

●      How the HypnoThoughtsLIVE conference has evolved over the last decade

●      The turning point in Scott’s hypnosis career that changed the way he thought about his hypnosis sessions

●      What’s new at HypnoThoughtsLIVE 2022

●      The moments that Scott is most proud of since he began hosting the HypnoThoughtsLIVE conference

●      Scott’s experience with ‘imposter syndrome’ early in his career and how it impacted the way he plans the HypnoThoughtsLIVE conference

●      The value of building relationships with other hypnotists and the importance of asking for advice

●      Taking ownership of where you are in your hypnosis career and the value of being coachable


Resources Mentioned:

●      Session #35 – Scott Sandland’s Origin Story

●      Session #37 – Scott Sandland on Learning Hypnosis

●      Session #113 – Scott Sandland on Hypnotic Evolution

●      Session #175 – Scott Sandland on Scriptnosis or Hypnosis

●      Session #235 – Scott Sandland on Hypnosis for Teens

●      Session #258 – Scott Sandland’s HypnoThoughts Platinum Keynote – LIVE from San Diego

●      The Ultimate Medical and Dental Hypnosis Pain Control Specialty Training with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland Streaming Video Series – Roger Moore Institute

●      ICBCH Professional Hypnosis Training & Certification with Jason Linett & Richard Nongard

●      Session #301 – Wendi Friesen on How to Be Memorable

●      Session #122 – How to Be a Good Hypnosis Student


Connect with Scott Sandland:

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●      Hypnothoughts LIVE on Instagram

●      Hypnothoughts LIVE on Facebook

●      Scott Sandland on Twitter


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