With more than 300 plus episodes, the podcast archives include a wealth of solo episodes and guest interviews with names you know from the convention circuit, and names you don’t because they have been busy doing the professional work of hypnosis. Within this portfolio of shows, there are several that you – as a new hypnotist starting out or a hypnotist already engaged in the work – should not miss and should listen to right away as you begin your journey to becoming world-class at your skills.

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In today’s episode, I share 12 shows you may have missed and how they can help you learn how to prime your approach to improve the experience, get the change work in motion early on in your session, and stack the deck in your favor. I highlight the episodes that demonstrate how you can go from training to full-time work as a hypnotist with a fully booked schedule. I also share the episodes where you can learn techniques that will become the foundation of what you do or gain access to training at a massively reduced cost.

“If you are looking to advance your skills if you are looking to take what you do to a deeper level, go back and relearn.” – Jason Linett

  • A masterclass on how to stack the deck in your favor and prime better experiences
  • The danger of absolutes and how to use the Changing Personal History technique
  • A case study demonstrating how someone can go from training to doing the professional work full-time
  • A genuine approach combining hypnosis, NLP, and HearthMath
  • Establishing the client’s hypnotic responsibility in making change
  • How to pack your schedule and the foundation for everything you do in your business
  • An example of something you can teach your client in a very memorable way
  • A conversation on the Four Cornerstones of Successful Hypnotherapy
  • How to access some of Roy Hunter’s programs at a hugely discounted rate
  • How to get the change in motion during the Dave Elman induction
  • Basing your professional work on research and evidence

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